Autumn Glory Exhibition

We held our annual exhibition ‘Autumn Glory’ on 11th October. There were 24 arrangements from students of all the main schools including Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara, Ichiyou, Nippon Kado Koryu and Koryu.  Each showed their own schools’ distinctive method  using branches, coloured and dried leaves and seasonal flowers. Overall we were treated to a wonderful display of autumn beauty, its glorious colours and also its more subdued and subtle hues reflecting the seasonal decay but with  the seeds of the future.

We were delighted that Mr Shinichi Iida, Minister of Public Diplomacy and Media from the Japanese Embassy attended with his deputy Ms Tomoko Yoshihiro and assistant Ms Megumi Spivey in spite of their busy commitments.

Two demonstrations were given. Mrs Junko Kikuchi from the Ikenobo school and Mrs Shoko Koizumi-Hanson from  Sogetsu , each giving their  distinctive takes on the autumnal theme.



Sogetsu on the left in the entrance hall and then the Ikenobo displays.



ohara-ikebanana            ichiyou-ikebana

Two Ohara arrangements and then a joint display of  Ichiyou

junkos-display-ikebana shokos-displa-ikebana

Junko’s display arrangements being placed by our president and then Shoko’s sogetsu demonstration arrangements.

change of date for March II demo

We have had to change the date from Tuesday 14th March 2017 to the previous week Tuesday 7th March . Apologies for any inconvenience, all else remains as before  ie Ruriko Kojima is the  demonstrator  and same venue.

publicity and news

We will use this page to place posters and news of forthcoming events, plus any news on members individual activities or related events.

ikebana individual schools events 2016-2017



This is, to the best of our knowledge, a schedule of upcoming events by the different Ikebana school chapters in London and South East. Exhibitions are open to the general public, you may need to check for any workshops whether you can participate or just pay to watch.

For more details , please contact the chapters via their websites


  • Ohara London – 23-24th September
  • Ikenobo Surrey Group- 8th-9th October
    • Exhibition of ikenonbo
    • Saturday 8th 11-5pm, Sunday 9th 11-4pm
    • beddington Conf centra,Marlowe Way, Croydon cr6 4xs
    • admission £5
    • “”
  • Ikebana International – London Chapter – 11th October
    • Exhibition – Autumn Glory
    • 12.00-15.00
    • Brompton Oratory Church hall, Brompton Road, SW7 2RP
    • admission £6
  • Hananowa group  -Saturday 26th November
  • Sogetsu London branch – Saturday 3rd June 2017
  • Sogetsu London Branch Workshops
    • all at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead
    • September 10th, in suiban without kenzan
    • November 19th Autumn freestyle ikebana
    • january 28th, 2017, let’s enjoy  ‘kakeiho’

7th June 2016 A.G.M and Demonstration

Congratulations to Sue Pryke  for her presidency during the 2016-2017 period.P1030899


After the A.G.M we had some delicious Canapes which were organised by the committee . This was followed by a demonstration lead by Martine Grace from the Sogetsu School. Martine’s  “Luxuriance of Summer” arrangements delighted us all.



12th of April 2016 a Demonstration

On 12 April 2016, in bright and sunny spring weather, London chapter organized a “Spring Medley” with three experienced Ikebanists of their respective schools – Ms. Sue Pryke from Ikenobo, Mrs. Sue Wheeler from Ichiyo and Mrs. Irene Moore from Sogetsu.spring 2


Each used the same spring flower materials to make two arrangements, which represented their particular styles. The demonstrators related their school history and philosophy.




2nd of June 2015 A.G.M. and Demonstration

Our special thanks to Di Norman, master of the Ohara school for her demonstration after the AGM, providing a stimulating and fascinating review of their history and in particular, the influence of the new fifth headmaster Hiroki Ohara at the grand old age of 26! The first 3 arrangements,were a rimpa, a signature style of Ohara, hana mai ie dancing flowers, then the new style hana kanade with crossing flowers


agm2015 3agm2015 4



3rd of March 2015 Demonstration”The enduring charm of Ikenobo”

A most successful demonstration was held in the Brompton Oratory Hall by two of our very talented members – Gaye Henson and Sue Pryke. They were taking the Ikenobo School from its early beginnings to the present day. Sue began with an early Ikenobo style. Then Sue had an illustration of the details of the making of a rikka and the elements it contained which was very enlightening. Earlier Sue and Gaye had made a rikka themselves which was very beautiful. It is the style that is for many people Ikenobo.

Next Gaye and Sue made arrangements in the more modern developments of style.

Ending with a charming double arrangement which included oriental iris seed pods

Congratulations to our members making their first demonstration to I.I. London Chapter


sue and gaye 600 2

Sue and Gaye Demo 600sue and gaye 600 3sue and gaye 600 6sue and gaye 600 5sue and gaye 600 4sue and gaye 600 7