London Chapter

Up coming events

  • Our next meeting is our New Year lunch to be held on Tuesday January 15th  2019 at Kiru, a contemporary Japanese restaurant off the King’s Road, members and their guests welcome. Contact presidentlondonii@gmail.com to book a place.
  • We are hoping to offer a demonstration event in March , details and date will be circulated as soon as this is arranged.
  • There is definitely a  workshop on Tuesday 23rd April to be held at Farm Street church hall ,114 Mount Street.  This will be led by Sachiko Pearce on making a woven structure that can be used as a container for ikebana arrangements.
  • Finally our AGM will be on Tuesday 4th June

sumie ikebanaWho we are
Welcome to the London Chapter of Ikebana International, a non profit organisation to promote Ikebana, the Japanese Art of Flower Arranging.

Each year we run a programme of demonstrations, an annual exhibition and workshop by different Ikebana schools so you can appreciate and learn more about the beauty and practice of Ikebana.

We are not a teaching organisation though our teachers page gives you contact details of  teachers and their schools if you wish to take lessons, or to find out more about events run by individual ikebana schools.