London Chapter

Welcome to the London Chapter of Ikebana International, a non profit organisation to promote Ikebana, the Japanese Art of Flower Arranging.

Each year we run a programme of demonstrations, an annual exhibition and workshops by different Ikebana  schools so you can appreciate and learn more about the beauty and practice of Ikebana. See these displays in our past events tab in ‘what’s happening’ or check our facebook link at bottom of page.

This website also has information on all the Ikebana exhibitions and workshops run by the main ikebana schools and groups in the Greater London area for you to visit and enjoy. Again just click on the ‘what’s happening’ tag to see the programme of events.

You don’t have to be a member of any of these organisations, all visitors are welcome


II meetings normally start at 12.30 pm and are held in the ground floor hall at:

The Brompton Oratory, Brompton Road, London SW7 2RP  which is next to the V&A museum.The nearest underground stations is South Kensington. Parking is available nearby on meters and is not in the congestion zone.

At our recent workshop in November we experimented with using netting as  the fixing material, just some  of the ideas that make ikebana such a creative and fascinating pursuit. See further examples in our reports of past events.

workshop-under   workshop-upright


Our next event  will be on Tuesday March 7th 2017 when Ruriko Kojima, president of the Ohara school will be demonstrating different arrangements from her school.