about ikebana

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

It is an art steeped in Japanese cultural traditions dating back to the sixth century. Its flower arrangement styles range from the highly classical to modern sculptural compositions, offering limitless possibilities for self-expression.

Over the years hundreds of different schools of ikebana have developed in Japan, each with their own style.  However, all schools start by studying some basic principles.


Each school gives its students certificates as they progress through the syllabus.  At a certain stage they reach Instructor level and are qualified to teach ikebana.  Students can then progress towards being a Master in their school.

In this country we have several schools represented.  The oldest schools such as Ikenobo, Kohdo, Koryu and Enshu teach a classical style of arrangement.  The more modern schools are Ohara, Sogetsu and Ichiyo teaching their own styles.

All schools continue to evolve their approach to their art, it is a dynamic art form.


Ichiyo School


Ikenobo School


Kohdo School

koryu 1 2008

Koryu School

ohara 1 2008

Ohara School

Sogetsu School