Exhibition of ikebana March 2014

Yuko demA most successful exhibition of ikebana by members of the I.I. London Chapter was held in the Brompton Oratory Hall on 18th March 2014.  Entitled ‘The Delights of Spring’ it was indeed a celebration of the season.

During the exhibition, demonstrations were given by Yuko Gordon of the Sogetsu School; Janet demby Janet Morgan of the Ohara School and by Marjatta Akhurst of the Ikenobo School.

Marjatta dem exhib



A selection of images from the exhibition illustrates the high quality of our members work and the enjoyment of members and visitors.

The committee would like to thank all who took part and helped with the staging and rtineke exhibunning of the exhibition.  Click on thumbnail pictures for a larger image.

sumie exhibMartine Ireneyuko garrettjanet morganAlia

Hansa exhibJunko exhibtricia exhibShokoHilaryKaijaRontricia adamYuko SBelindaMargaret JSueGaye