‘No Kenzan’ workshop – no problem for our members

Our ‘no kenzan’ workshop in November, run by Tricia Hill and Sue Wheeler, Ichiyo school,  showed that arrangements  can be just as creative using unusual materials, in this case plastic netting (black deer netting from garden centres). The workshop was about having fun and freestyling rather than following a particular school.

Tricia and Sue started the workshop by showing 4  examples of how to use mesh in different ways, from being the heart of the arrangement , as a background, sitting on top of the vase and then fitting the vase into the net.


sue-workshop-ikebana       tricia-workshop-ikebana




Then all participants were able to experiment using their own vases and materials brought in by the organisers. The workshop was much enjoyed and so we hope to run another on a different theme next year

workshop-ikebana   workshop-examples-2 workshop-examples workshop-ikebana